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Note: Once you’ve registered for Truspec 2.0, we recommend saving the link to your “Favorites” or clicking and dragging the link from your browser window to your desktop for easier future access.

To download a desktop version of the software, click here.

Introducing Red Head's newest and easiest to use anchor calculation software, Truspec 2.0! Our new version features real-time 3-D animations and user-friendly navigation with guided support so structural design engineers can easily design post-installed concrete anchoring connections in accordance with ACI 318. Available online, users will always have access to the latest version, without the hassle of installing updates. A downloadable version is also available. The online tutorial will allow you to become a design expert who can:

  • View
    • Customized anchor layouts or choose from a wide selection of pre-configured options.
    • Tips on how to navigate and use the Anchor Calculation Software.
  • Design
    • Anchor connections in accordance with ACI 318
  • Model
    • Select, sort, and filter according to the most efficient anchoring product type and size.
    • Attachment with single or multiple anchor points.
    • Simultaneous moment forces in x-, y-, and z-axis.
    • Minimum edge distance.
    • Minimum anchor spacing distance.
    • Real-time 3D animations and graphics.
  • Calculate
    • Values in US Customary or Metric Units.
    • Critical values for total strength design of anchor connections.
  • Predict
    • Mode of failure for anchor connections.

To download a desktop version of the software, click here.