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Tapcon Maxi-Set Screw Anchors

Long Finish Life with Excellent Corrosion Resistant Specs

Tapcon Maxi-Set Screw Anchors are for applications that require more Anchor bearing service.

They are versatile screw anchors ideal for a wide variety of applications including, shutters (protective and decorative), screened porch and pool enclosures, various steel metal flashings, decorative wrought iron and wood nailers and plywood attachment.

  • Same reliable performance and speed of installation as regular Tapcon
  • Large 5/8" diameter flange provides more bearing surface and increases pullover resistance. High 5/16" hex head adds driving stability.

  • Compatible with DrivTru™ socket system. Improves installation. Protects paint finish.

  • UltraShield™ and White UltraShield™ long-life finish deliver excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Salt Spray Test (ASTM B117) Ultra Shield (1100 Hrs, 10% or less rust) and White Ultra Shield (1500 Hrs, No Red Rust.)
  • Approval listings: ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. – #ESR-1671, Miami-Dade County – #07-0315.03 and
Florida Building Code.)
Tapcon Length
Part No.
1/4" Hex Head
1-3/4 (44.5) 3294000 UltraShield™
2-1/4 (57.2) 3295000 UltraShield™
1-3/4 (44.5) 3383100 White UltraShield™
2-1/4 (57.2) 3384100 White UltraShield™
2-3/4 (69.9) 3408100 White UltraShield™
3-1/4 (82.6) 3409100 White UltraShield™
Diameter: 1/4", Point Type: Nail, Thread Form: Advanced Threadform Technology™, Finish: UltraShield™ or White UltraShield™, Head Style: 5/16" flats hex with 5/8" diameter flange, Maxi-Sets are packed 1,000 pieces per master carton except 3409100 is packed 750 pieces.
NOTE: 2-3/4" and 3-1/4" lengths are special orders. Contact customer service for lead times.