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Tapcon XL Screw Anchor

tapcon xl screw anchor

Extra Large Tapcon Anchor for Extra Large Challenges

Delivering over 3,000 lbs. of holding power in concrete, the XL screw anchor lives up to its claim as our heaviest duty, corrosion resistant, Tapcon Screw anchor solution.

Avaiable in UltraShield™, it is suitable for all the common applications such as shutters (protective and decorative) screen porch and pool enclosures, railings, but also mounted electrical equipment and sill plates.

  • Internal TORX® T-40 drive assures easy installation.
  • High button head resists cam-out during installation.
  • Corrosion protection of UltraShield™ to combat aggressive environments.
  • Available in silver to complement standard fixtures.
  • Delivers over 3,000 lbs. holding power in concrete.
  • Alternative to sleeve anchors.
Tapcon Length
Part No.
1/4" Hex Head
Finish Bit Length
Straight Shank
Bit for 1/4" Tapcon
Part No.
2-1/4" (57.2) 3395902 UltraShield™      6-3/4" SDS drill bit with hex  3394910
Part No. Description Carton Qty.
      340910 MegaGrip™ Magnetized Bit Holder with TORX® T-40 Bit Tip 10 per bag