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Red Head C6+

For The Most Demanding Jobs

Red Head C6+ is the highest strength adhesive in our history. Designed for use in the most demanding anchoring applications, the maximum strength of Red Head C6+ is backed by ICC-ES approvals for both concrete and masonry.  It is also the only adhesive approved for core-drilled holes in cracked concrete without the use of a roughening tool. 


  • At least 25% stronger than the old C6+ formulation for threaded rod in cracked concrete with seismic conditions
  • Fastest Cure time in its class, curing in just 2.75 hours at 90°F and in only 2 hours at 110°F!
  • ICC-ES approved for cracked concrete and seismic applications (ICC-ES ESR 4046)
  • ICC-ES approved for masonry applications (ICC-ES ESR 4109)
  • ICC-ES Approved for use in core-drill holes, even in cracked concrete
  • At least 10 minutes of nozzle life (10 min working time at 110F)
  • Can be used down to 40°F and up to 110°F
  • Can be used in oversized holes
  • Rugged cartridges resist breakage due to rough handling or cold temperatures
  • 24-month shelf life


Base Material
Cure Time Base Material
Gel Time
110° 2 hours 43° 10 min
90° 2.75 hours 32° 14 min
70° 6.5 hours 21° 16 min
50° 24 hours 13° 30 min
40° 48 hours 46 min