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A7 Adhesive Anchoring System

Acrylic Adhesive

High Strength ACRYLIC ADHESIVE: USA Made, ARRA Certified

1. Two component methyl methacrylate adhesive, non-sag paste, moisture insensitive when cured, dark gray in color, and early gel and cure times.
2. Meets NSF Standard 61, certified for use in conjunction with drinking water systems.
3. Works in wet, damp, submerged holes.
4. Shelf life: Best if used within 18 months.
5. All weather, cure time (35 min. at 60°F).
6. Dispenses easier and faster.
7. Dispenses and cures faster in cold weather, but works in hot weather.
8. Pumpable at 0°F without preheating.
9. Formula for use in solid and hollow base materials.
10. Suitable for oversized and diamond cored holes with increased depths.
11. Quick insertion time = less labor cost.

Acrylic Adhesive Packaging

1. Disposable, self-contained cartridge system capable of dispensing both components in the proper mixing ratio
2. Acrylic components dispensed through a static mixing nozzle that thoroughly mixes the material and places the material at the base of the pre-drilled hole
3. Cartridge markings: Include manufacturer's name, batch number and best-used-by date, mix ratio by volume, ANSI hazard classification, and appropriate ANSI handling precautions.