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A7 5 fl. oz. Cartridges


Featuring the advantages of the fast dispensing, fast curing acrylic formulation combined with the convenience of the 5 oz. easy dispensing system


  • No pumping necessary
  • Adhesive is mixed and dispensed in one step
  • Minimal waste since adhesive is mixed in nozzle — no mixing of adhesive in coaxial cartridge
  • Cartridge is reusable until empty (extra nozzles are required once working time of adhesive has been exceeded)
  • Accurate proportioning and mixing of adhesive in nozzle every time resulting in consistent anchor performance
  • Adhesive flows fast and easily saving time during anchor installation
  • Usable in all base material temperatures down to 0°F and below (cartridge temperature should be at least 55°F in order to easily dispense adhesive using plastic dispensing systems)

Available with Your Choice of Two, Easy Dispensing Systems

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Rebar Doweling
Use with bent or straight bars

Threaded Rod Anchoring
Easy installation of sill plates