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A7 10 fl. oz. Cartridges


The A7 formulation that has proven it’s performance in prominent NFL football stadiums and countless miles of American roadways is now available to you in a convenient 10 ounce size.


  • 35 minute cure time at 60°F
  • All weather formula
  • Rods insert easily in both horizontal and vertical applications
  • No cartridge heating required in cold temperatures
  • Fully cured below 0°F
  • Consistent mix ratio
  • Single formula for hollow or solid base materials
  • No drip or sag formula cleans up easily
  • Works in damp and underwater applications

Fits the A100 Tool designed for the A7-10 


  1. Drill proper sized hole. Clean out hole from bottom with forced air. Complete hole preparation with use of a brush and repeat cleaning with forced air (leave no dust or slurry).
  2. When starting new cartridge or nozzle, dispense and discard enough adhesive until uniform dark grey color is achieved. Insert the nozzle into the bottom of the hole and fill to 1/2 the hole depth.
  3. Insert the selected rod slowly by hand into the bottom of the hole with a slow twisting motion. This insures the adhesive fills voids and crevices uniformly.
  4. See A7 Cure Time Charts for set-up time. After the recommended cure time is met, install and tighten fixture into place.


Use it for your small jobs requiring a fast curing adhesive anchor: Sill plate anchoring, rebar doweling, anchoring heavy equipment, structural steel.