Boa™ Coil Expansion Anchor

Heavy-Duty, Re-Usable Fastening

The Boa™ Coil is a high performance expansion anchor providing through fixture fastening and easy removal to keep the job moving.

It’s reusable with the coil replacement anchors making this anchor a low cost solution. Ideal combination of value, performance and reusability make the Boa™ Coil the choice for Forming and tilt-wall contractors. Suitable for concrete, load bearing angles, beams and columns, machinery hold down, jersey barrier, glare screens and light rail/commuter work.

  • Easy and fast installation through fixture installation.
  • Removable, reusable with high shear strength.
  • Grade 5 bolt.
  • Resistant to cyclic loading.
  • Expansion coil locks into concrete to give cast-in type performance.
  • Replacement coil available for easy re-use with RED HEAD® Boa™ Coil anchors only.